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Like you, we can't wait to be back out on the field after the long COVID shutdown. You can find details of our current programs for kids below.

Micro Soccer Fall 2022 - Age 4-6 (Tues 7pm)
Fall 2022

We are excited to get back outside with the return of our beginner and recreational soccer programming for kids in Brampton.

Our spring soccer programs are designed to give kids from 2 to 13 a fun soccer experience with our great team of coaches. For parents, it offers a simple, convenient kids soccer option at a great price.

Each of the sessions will be split into two portions, skill development, and games. At each session, your boy or girl will be working on drills and exercises to develop their physical literacy and comfort on the ball. Progressing from simple physical movement at the youngest age group to more advanced ball-work and skills as they get older, they'll be developing the building blocks for their future in soccer. Each session finishes off with a game so they can put their newfound skills into practice.

There are no tryouts or players sitting on the bench. Everyone is welcome to play.

All of our programs are held at a premium facility at our fantastic turf soccer field at Heart Lake Secondary School, 296 Conestoga Dr, Brampton, ON L6Z 3M1 - no muddy or bumpy fields that make it difficult for little ones to learn.

Our Micro Soccer program is a developmental program for kids aged 4 & 5 (birth year 2016 and 2017).

In the Micro Soccer program, kids will be working with our coaches to start to develop the basics of passing, shooting, kicking and dribbling in a series of fun games and drills.

Our fall sessions give you and your child the chance to get outside on the field and enjoy the last few weeks of nice weather.

Our fall programs consist of one sessions each week (6 weeks).

A one-off jersey purchase at a cost of $15 +HST is required for initial registration for our spring, summer and fall programs. The uniform can be used for future seasons and purchase is only required once.

6 Sep 2022 - 11 Oct 2022; 6 Sessions ; 60 Minutes ; 6 Sessions
1 hour of skill development and small sided games
Open to everyone
Heart Lake Secondary School; Heart Lake Secondary School ; FIFA Grade Turf
$100 + TAX;

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