Micro Soccer

FootyForAll would like to welcome you to Micro Soccer: our kids soccer programming for 4 to 6 year-olds at our new turf soccer facility at Heart Lake Secondary School, 296 Conestoga Drive in Brampton, Ontario. Our goal is to offer your child an enjoyable soccer experience while providing parents with what we believe to be the best value in the city.

Our spring soccer program - Begins May 2022

Our spring soccer program is designed to give 4 - 6-year-old kids a fun soccer experience with our great team of coaches and volunteers. For parents, it offers a simple, convenient kids soccer option at a great price.

Our coaches will be working on skill development and refining technique for part of the session. However, our main focus is that the boys and girls in the program have fun and enjoy their soccer. No try-outs or kids left on the bench while the star players get all the playing time. We’ll treat all our players the same with a supportive environment and equal opportunity for all.

Micro Soccer Program Details

Skill Development

Part of each kids soccer session is built around working with the ball (smaller sized size 3 soccer balls of course). We’ll take them through a series of fun drills combining imagination and games to help them learn while having fun

Agility and Motor Skills

Most people can’t run before they can walk, and the smaller kids are still mastering running, changing direction, spatial awareness and hand/foot and eye coordination. We don’t forget about these basic aspects of learning to play and devote some time in each session to games designed to develop these skills.

The Game

This is what they’ve been waiting for. They’ll proudly pull on their Footy For All shirts, line up on the field and have a chance to spend the second-half of each session taking part in small-sided game with their coach right there on the field with them encouraging them to put what they learned today into action.

Photo Gallery

View our photo gallery from past Footy For All programs.

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