Footy For All Soccer Programs - Latest Update Spring 2020
9 May 2020 @ 2:20 AM by Chris Surgeoner

Hi everyone,

We hope everyone continues to be safe and well and you and your families are still doing okay as the social distancing measures stretch into May.

This is our update on the kids' soccer programs in relation to the COVID-19 preventative measures.

Spring Seasons

We are still assuming we can complete the spring seasons as planned but we have pushed back the start dates to JUNE 9th/10th/11th. The programs will still run for the planned period of time, they will just start later and finish later.

Obviously this is still just a guess. Ontario schools are currently closed until May 31st. The start date could easily be later than this.

If it does reach a point where we have to shorten or cancel the season, we will either issue a credit to the next season or a refund for the portion of the season that we cannot fulfil. If the season is cancelled it will obviously be a full refund. If it is shortened, it will be a prorated.

We are not processing refunds right now because we just don't know what will be happening with the season. Everything hinges upon when we are all allowed to resume sporting and social activities. Once we have dates where we know that play can resume, we will be able to make a decision on the format and length and process all of the credits or refunds if required. This will be a manual process and we will have to process each one individually, so we would like to be able to work through them methodically when the time comes. For that reason, we really appreciate you bearing with us until we know what the final set-up of the programs will be.

Registrations for Spring Programs

Whatever happens, you can go ahead and reserve your space with confidence. If we do have to make changes to what we are currently advertising for our spring programs and the changes aren't suitable for your family we will issue a full refund of your payment before the season starts.

Our EARLY BIRD PRICING is also still in effect until we are able to confirm when the programs will start.

Take care everyone, please, please, please take social distancing seriously and support our local small businesses in whatever way you can,

Ryan, Chris and the Footy Sevens Team

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