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Like you, we can't wait to be back out on the field after the long COVID shutdown. You can find details of our current programs for kids below.

Kids Street Soccer Summer 2021 - 11:30am (Summer 2021)

Full details about our Micro (Junior and Senior Kindergarten)Kids (Grades 1 and 2) and Junior (Grades 3,4 and 5) can be found by clicking the relevant link.

We are excited to bring you a new concept for beginner and recreational programming for kids in Brampton.

This is a no frills, just come out to play and have fun program that will consist of small sided scrimmage games for kids age 6 and 7

For parents, it offers a simple, convenient kids soccer option at a great price.

No other recreational developmental program in the region offers a similar experience for kids who are taking their first steps in soccer.

Saturdays 11.30am-12.30am

Uniforms: Are not mandatory for the street soccer program. Kids will be divided into teams at the start of each session.

It's just play!

No drills, no practice, just an hour of small-sided soccer with kids the same age on the best possible surface in a safe, fun environment, overseen by the FFA coaching staff.

Whether the kids are in the Footy For All program already and are looking for extra touches, only join this program, or play elsewhere and just want to play for fun somemore. Everyone is welcome!

Every Saturday at 11:30am.

No uniform package required to join this program. Coaches will split the kids up into teams and provide pinnies for each session.

10 Jul 2021 - 21 Aug 2021; 7 Sessions ;
11:30am - 12:30pm
60 min Scrimmage

Heart Lake Secondary School;
$99 + TAX;

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